Have a project to shoot in the Middle East ?
We are here to help!
From full fledged production support to the best crew and equipment deals; the Wolf Pack team is ready to cater for all your needs.
From photography to big screen productions, Wolf Pack prides itself on being a streamlined ensemble, which provides superior production service
for clients from around the world.
Send us your brief with as much information as possible, and we will assign a producer to quote the production for you.
No mountain is too high and no river is too deep!


TV Production

Our team guarantees a production process that is efficient, reliable and enjoyable for our clients.
With a positive vibe and a “can do” attitude, the team will work under your leadership to assure a flow, based on your methodology and tempo.
We will offer you a multitude of services that you can choose from, based on your project’s requirements, to form the best
customized combination possible.
We will fly the extra mile for you and propel you to new heights!


Does your project require still pictures from the Middle East ?
Or are you a photographer who needs a production team in the region?
We have what you need!
From full production support, to photography equipment: studio rental, outdoor locations, casting, wardrobe, art direction, hair stylists, makeup
artists, production team and assistants.
We will offer you the best options available.
Don’t have a photographer for your project?
We will share with you a list of photographers, local and international, with a deep understanding of the region, to bring your pictures to light.


Send us a brief and we will have one of our producers send you a quote with available references: from locations  and wardrobe styles, to art direction and cast references.Our team will share with you the available moods in the region.

Have it your way!